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Tibetian National Football Association

Tibetian National Football Association

The Tibetan National Sports Association

The Tibetan National Sports Association (TNSA), based in Dharamsala, H.P. is a registered and non-profit organization with specific aim to promote sports in the Tibetan community in general and select and groom a National football team/s for both men and women to represent the association in various tournaments within India and abroad.

The association is the brainchild of Kasur Jetsun Pema, the then President of Tibetan Children’s Villages (TCV). She initiated the move to launch the association realizing its potential to energize the youth of Tibet through a natural vehicle to make a difference in our just struggle for our identity and culture. Accordingly, the association was formally formed in May, 2002 by pooling in human and financial resources of TCV. The association’s intimate tie-up with TCV organization continues today. But, now the time has come for the association to find ways and means to stand on its own. And, this effort goes on today.

One of the long standing aspirations of Tibetan National Sports Association is to open TNSA Chapters in different parts of world by appointing a group of people who have passion in sports and willingness to help TNSA programs for the development of sporting activities for higher level.


In 1998, an invitation from the Italian rock music group, “Dinamorock” for a football match was accepted by Tibetan Children’s Villages and the Tibetan National Sports Association was called in to select and prepare the team. Thus, the first-ever Tibetan Football Team was selected and played in Bologna, Italy, in June 1999. This was the turning point for Tibetan football as it opened doors for talented players who could realize their dream of playing for their country.

In 2001, the Danish Tibetan Cultural Group invited the Tibetan Football Team to play against the Greenland National Team. This visit by the Tibetan Football Team left no doubt that given proper training and support, Tibetan players could successfully compete at International levels.

In May 2006, TNSA took participated at the FIFI Wild Cup in Hamburg, Germany alongside Greenland, North Cyprus, Zanzibar, St. Paulo and Gibraltar. In November 2006, with seven other teams, TNSA entered the ELF CUP, organized by the North Cyprus Football Association, winning the Fair Play Trophy of the tournament.

List of Tours:

  • 1999: Italy Junior and Senior Teams
  • 2001: Denmark, Switzerland and Germany
  • 2003: France and Denmark
  • 2006: Germany and North Cyprus
  • 2008: The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany


-1995 S
No. Name Age Caps Goals
1 Tenzin Samdup 25 7 2
2 Thupten Tsering Sangatsang 24 0 0
3 Tenzin Bhakdo 22 3 1
4 Tenzin Loedup 26 2 0
5 Gelek Wangchuk 26 3 0
6 B. K. Narayan 26 7 1
7 Tsering Chomphel 26 2 0
8 Tenzin Dhondup 22 0 0
9 Pema Lhundup Sherpa 22 2 0
10 Tenzin Thardoe 20 2 0
11 Kalsang Topgyal 21 3 1
12 Kalsang Phuntsok Lungkara 22 0 0
13 Tenzingh Dhonden Bhutia 24 2 1
14 Karma Tsewang 29 2 1
15 Tenzin Gelek 28 2 0
16 Tenzin Norbu Tekhang 22 0 0
17 Ruden Tshering Tashi Dorjee Bhutia 27 0 0
18 Tenzin Yougyal 25 0 0
19 Tenzin Choepak 22 0 0
20 Tashi Samphel 29 1 5
21 Sangye Gyatso 30 2 0
22 Tenzin Tsering 23 20
23 Dawa Tashi 30 6 0